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Medical Institution Support

Provision of Immune Cell Culture for Treatment Against Malignant Tumors

BIOACCELL Inc. offers services including training and supervision of medical institutions and their doctors for cell culture and processing. We also assist our partnering institutions in cell culture and processing. The service includes culturing of lymphocyte from peripheral blood and processing dendritic cells.

We provide processed cells with high technology and safety.

「Highly effective, but less expensive.」

We lighten the burden on patients.

World’s Top Class Cell Culture Technology

Our vaccine is versatile and effectively induces CTL against many types of tumors.

CPC(Cell Processing Center)

We aim at the best and the latest.
-Continuation of basic research

We provide the latest and best culture technology.

That’s why we place continuation of basic research.

We deliver correct knowledge of cancer to the world.

Our CEO Shigeru Hirabayashi is a science writer.

He has published many books on Immune Cell Therapy.

BIOACCELL Inc. is a company that knows cancer better than any other company.

We value the real voice of cancer patient.

Cancer Patient Association
【Fir Tree】

Our CEO Shigeru Hirabayashi launched a cancer patient association.

The name of the patient association is Fir Tree.

We don’t just look at technology.

We value the voices of cancer patients.

BIOACCELL Inc. is a company built on the voices of cancer patients.